The Great British Relay is a non profit event and was born out of a desire to celebrate running and all that running can achieve.

The Great British Relay is the world’s longest continuous running event and we hope that to be ratified by Guinness IN 2016.

It is not about winning or losing a race, it is about working together to achieve  something amazing. 

That’s why we call it,  “The People’s Relay."

Runners from as young as five right up to septagenarians will join together in a celebration of running to show what an fantastic community runners are a part of.

We want an event that all runners can take part in on an equal basis no matter what their level of running ability.

We want to excite emotions, raise passions and inspire individuals to be involved in a momentous feat where each participant is just as important as any other.

Be Part of the Adventure.

Carrying our GPS baton right around England, Scotland and Wales, you can run one of 595 stages and be part of a team that attempts to break into The Guinness Book of Records!

Whether you are running a scenic stage or something less dramatic you will be part of the longest continuous duration and distance event this island has ever seen.

YOU can say you were part of it--- it will be a tale to tell for years to come but places are limited.

If you want to join the adventure all we ask is that you are able to cover your stage in the time allowed.

The Great British Relay is designed to show that running truly can be for everyone. 

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